Commercial automatic milk foaming machine- Foamaster01
  • 7.0’touch screen for easy beverages selection

  • 280 cups per hours of continuous production

  • Air inlet solenoid valve, ultra-long life, adjustable and controllable

  • THERMOMATIC heater, hot beverages in one second

    Foam temperature up to 75℃

Milk Foam Machine -foammaster01

Foam Master01

Commercial automatic milk foaming machine Foam Master 01 are self cleaning commercial milk frother with high quality hot& cold milk

Core Technology

1.THERMOMATIC heater, hot beverages in one second, waterless foaming,milk
foam temperature up to 75℃, release all lactose, more mellow

2.Professional lever valve, no-touch, more hygienic, control and precision

3.Air inlet solenoid valve, ultra-long life, adjustable and controllable

Milk Foam Machine -foammaster01


Automated milk frothers deliver a consistent and velvety-smooth milk froth every time,
ensuring your cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites are consistently delightful. No variations in texture
perfectly frothed milk with every pour!


Automated milk frothers streamline the frothing process, allowing baristas and home
enthusiasts to save time and effort. With a touch of a button, the frother handles the task, freeing up
valuable minutes that can be dedicated to perfecting other aspects of your craft

Milk Foam Machine
Model Foam Master 01
Voltage/Watt 220-230V 50HZ  2500W
Productivity 280cups/H
Milk Temperture 45-80℃
Water pressure 0-500Kpa(0-5bar)
Size 200*420*450mm
Certification CE/CB
N.W/G.W 11KG/13KG