Automatic Coffee Tamping Machines-PTB-FI
  • FI Model to suit Fiorenzato F64 and F83

  • Pressure control with a range from 2kg – 38kg

  • Can be pre-set from 1-3 tamp cycles

  • Stick nano technology coating tamp head


Pressure Control

Automatic Coffee Tamping Machines  offers a tamping pressure range between 2kg and up to 38kg so that the roaster, trainer or barista can determine the ideal tamping pressure for their coffee. The determined pressure will be delivered accurately with every tamp, no matter the variation in dose volume or particle size. This range delivers incredible control and options to experiment with two variables and explore the results and benefits this can offer your coffee.

Guide Levelling System (GLS)

The patent GLS autocorrects an uneven portafilter handle into the correct position for an evenly distributed and perfectly flat coffee bed surface. This ultimately prevents channelling caused from inconsistent and or uneven tamping angles and pressures avoiding under or over extraction


Segmented Multi Tamping

Segmented multi tamping can be programmed over 1 -3 pressure applications, with a range from 2 kg to 38 kg. This feature delivers incredible control and options to experiment with multiple tamps at different pressures within a tamp cycle to explore and further develop your coffee.

  • Available in Black and White colourways
  • Profiles buttons set to default pressures of 10, 20 or 30kg and 2 tamps
  • Default profiles may be easily adjusted and saved for future use
  • A historical count of how many times each profile is used may be recorded and reviewed
  • Simple design and small footprint makes it ideal for both home and commercial use
Model PTB FI (Precision Tamp Below)
Tamp Dimensions 58.3
Tamper Material Non-Stick Nano Coated
Guide Levelling System Yes
Adjustable Pressure Yes
Wattage 12V DC/10 amp
Width (mm) 276
Depth (mm) 232
Height (mm) 192
Weight (kg) 5
Warranty 12 Months Manufacturers
Tamper diameters per machine
Astoria 58.0mm Kees van der Westen 58.3mm
Aurora 56.0mm La Marzocco 58.3mm
Bezzera 58.0mm Nuova Simonelli 58.0mm
Carimali (special) 58.3mm San Marco (special) 54.3mm
Cimbali 58.0mm Spaziale 53.0mm
Conti 58.0mm Synesso 58.3mm
Dalla Corte 54.3mm Victoria Arduino 58.0mm
ECM 58.0mm VST 58.3mm
Expobar 58.0mm Wega 58.0mm
Faema 58.0mm Unic 57.3mm